Monday, March 9, 2015


“You have a spine of steel and fire in your eyes, Rosalie. To have such a quality, one must be shaken to the foundation of one’s soul and put back together. I want to know how you emerged from hell made of steel and fire."

Sunday, March 1, 2015


HHas it ever happened to you to knock on the door of a museum to enter in?

It sounded strange to me but I always enjoyed this kind of situations, which I do not recognize as ordinary; they give me the hope that something can still be different.
I don’t want to feel me at home in every single place just because "McDonald is everywhere" .
So, that's how it goes sometimes: I was walking around a beautiful place, named the Novodevichy Convent, when I saw a sign indicating “exhibition” but no place around that would seemed an exhibition. There was only a little closed wooden door within another bigger wooden opened door. 
: - Ok – I thought. : -  Let’s try, maybe it’s the entry    -.  
Hence, I went in front the little door and I knocked once. No answer. I was going away when an elderly lady with a headscarf, opened me and exclaimed: - девушка! - motioning me to enter with an hand.
The exhibition was just that one.
Entering, suddenly I was surrounded by the wonders guarded in that this hidden and unusual place, as the beautiful Virgin Marys by the strong features and the dark skin. They were so far away from the angelic imagine of them that I've seen for years that always it appeared me so unreal.  Instead, these Virgin Marys were so authentic  with their bags under eyes and the gaze full of concerns but proud, despite everything, as only a mother can have.

I was such engrossed in observing this succession of sacred icons, that for more than ten minutes I did not realize that there was another lady in the room, sitting in a corner, even elder than the one who had opened me the door. Her eyes were half closed, and perhaps her neither had noticed me.
I wondered -Why these elderly ladies were the guardians of the museum? - In my country, in an important place like this (the monastery is heritage of the UNESCO), we would have had some stewards/hostess who would wear suit, probably hired for public competition.
I had the answer to the question. My wealth of knowledge allowed me to make sense of what was happening around me, and yet, it continued to amaze me.
All there, it was in some ways “more human”- in my experience, not stereotyped.
Noiselessly, I left the room, almost on tiptoe, I opened the little door and I closed it behind me accurately, so that not even a draft of cold air could enter inside.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Le parola chiave è moderazione.
A Mosca non esistono eccessi, le pellicce, meglio se fucsia o leopardate, sono out quasi quanto i rossetti rosso-fluo e gli stivali con gli strass, il clima dicono sia continentale, la burocrazia snella e la polizia amichevole. Ad ogni modo, sono felice di essere qui, mi fa piacere essere una voce fuori dal coro, vestirmi da uomo per contrastare lo sfarzo, dire la mia senza conformarmi a nessuna corrente. 
The key word is be moderate.
Here in Moscow there are not excesses, the furs preferably pink or leopard, are out almost as much as the red fluorescent  lipstick and the boots with rhinestones, someone says that the climate is continental, the bureaucracy very easy and the police friendly. Anyway, I'm happy to be here, I'm glad to have always a my opinion and stand out from the crowd, I like dress me like a man to counter all this glitz and speak my mind without conform to no current.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Pellman Cafè- Gorky Park, Moscow 
Hi sorry people if I did not write for so many time. I apologize for  my absence, unfortunately  I had many things to do and I also travelled a lot but I now I have the time to tell you everything! 
I'm so excited! Hence, I start from announcing the biggest news... I'm moved in Moscow!! 
Last week I went here for the first time in my life for beginning this new adventure! 
People it's a really crazy city! I love it!
These days, however  I spent all my time in bureaucratic stuffs (f*ck!) but during the week end I had the time to visit the city centre! 
That's the picture of which I decided to speak you about my new life: a place, or better a bar,  with many people, a fashion atmosphere and a big heart at the centre of the picture, that is also the symbol of my my blog. 
Live, Be Stylish and Love.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius

Saturday, January 3, 2015



1. Rent a Car,with some of friends of yours and drive from your country, up to Amsterdam.  Enjoy the panorama. Fell the route.  Breath, that's a real journey.

Friday, December 12, 2014


Have a good new week end be a real ChicStreetChoc'er!
Sorry for my absence of this period! I was so busy!! I'm moving in another country... can you imagine where? it's a very crazy place....but also so cold!!!!
So, don't forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM!
Leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!
Rock'n' Love

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Sufir è un concentrato di arte e moda.
Un concept semplice e raffinato ma sopratutto giovane e innovativo.
Ogni abito è unico nel suo genere e la qualità garantita.
Il personale è tra i più stile di Roma, come dimostra Federica (nda. seconda foto),
simpatica e solare, vi aiuterà con passione alla ricerca dell'abito perfetto per voi.
Dagli accessori alle giacche duble-fàs, da Sufir ce ne è per tutti i gusti, vi basterà semplicemente desiderare originalità ed essere alla moda. 
La vostra moda.

Sufir is a wonderful blend of art and fashion.
A simple concept, refined but it is  especially young and innovative.
Each item is unique and its quality is guaranteed.
The staff is one of the most stylish and cool of Rome, as evidenced by Federica (that you can . see in the second picture)
The staff of the shop will help you, for sure, with passion, in your research for the perfect dress.
From the accessories to the duble-fàs jackets , there is something for everyone, you just have to desire to be original and fashionable... and the game it's done!