Friday, August 7, 2015


I love change the style of my home and having the lucky to travel a lot I often move in differents house! Only this here I've changed for times home! and now, being arrived just one month ago in Barcelona I have to decorate everything from zero! But I don't wanna spend to much! Fortunately, I found this web site Bedding Online that perfectly fits my needs!
I can choose from a well assorted selection full size Bedding Australia sets and home accessories, high quality with reasonable price.
 I have just selected same perfect items  such as comforters and bedding depicting paradisiacal destinations, comforters and bedspreads with pictures of amazing places that you can see in the Bedding Sets , and prints and canvas of beautiful landscapes, candles holders with a marine theme, adorable coffee mugs, stickers and even a doormat.
Do you like it?

Monday, August 3, 2015


"For me, skateboarding is a lifestyle. I really don't know anything different. My life revolves around skating. If I wasn't a professional skateboarder, I'd still be skating every day."

I'm not a professional skateboarder but that's one of the best sport I've tried in my life.
I really recommend you.
Find a good city where skating, better on the seaside, be prepared to fall and to challenge your limits.
It will be hard at the beginning but the  sense of satisfaction you will feel later, this will be priceless!!
Be Chic.Be Choc.
As Always.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I am just arrived in Barcelona and I am so happy.
I woke up, took my skateboard and I went to the beach.
The temperature was very hot and also the sea was warm!
Bogatell is a wonderful place perfect to eat nachos and drink lemon beer!

Monday, May 4, 2015


Nothing is better than having a healthy and tasty breakfast for facing Monday morning! 
yogurt or kefir, fruits and muesli
... And a bit of honey or jam for a touch of sweetness!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Lei è la regina dell'underground moscovita.
 E' la voce che ti ricorda che non sei ciò che indossi ma soltanto finchè non permetterai che accada. Con tono dolce e graffiante, come nella canzone платье , Yulina sussurra che un vestito Yves Saint Laurent "può ferirti dentro" . Senza ricalcare una blasonata retorica anti-capitalista riesce a creare nella mente di chi l'ascolta l'immagine di un un'anima a cui è stato un prezzo, a cui è stata messa una etichetta come fosse  in vendita. Non si parla di corruzione dello spirito, perchè troppo ormai lo spirito è corrotto - ma di identità, quella lasciamola integra.
Yulina suona in un gruppo chiamato Leningrad, molto famoso in Russia poco fuori di qui. Sono un gruppo di protesta, scomodo a molti ma di gran talento.
Sono stata ad un loro concerto ed è stato grandioso. Il prezzo del biglietto non è stato così "popolare" ma dobbiamo distaccarci dall'idea che l'arte non abbia un prezzo solo perchè viene dal cuore.
She is the queen of the underground culture of Moscow.
She's the voice that reminds you that you are not what you wear,  only if you're able to not let it happen. 
With her sweet and biting tone, as in the song платье, Yulina whispers that a dress Yves Saint Laurent "can hurt you inside." Without using an old anti-capitalist rhetoric she is able to create in the minds of those who listen, the image of a soul which now has a price, at which someone has attached a label,  as it were for sale. There is no mention of corruption of the spirit, because the spirit is too corrupt nowadays - but the point is the identity.
Yulina is a singer in a band called Leningrad, very famous in Russia but not more outside. They are a group of protest, not well welcomed  by the power but for sure, with great talent.
I was at a concert of them last week and it was great. The ticket price was not as "popular" but we must detach ourselves from the idea that art has not a price just because it comes from the heart.

Monday, March 9, 2015


“You have a spine of steel and fire in your eyes, Rosalie. To have such a quality, one must be shaken to the foundation of one’s soul and put back together. I want to know how you emerged from hell made of steel and fire."

Sunday, March 1, 2015


HHas it ever happened to you to knock on the door of a museum to enter in?

It sounded strange to me but I always enjoyed this kind of situations, which I do not recognize as ordinary; they give me the hope that something can still be different.
I don’t want to feel me at home in every single place just because "McDonald is everywhere" .
So, that's how it goes sometimes: I was walking around a beautiful place, named the Novodevichy Convent, when I saw a sign indicating “exhibition” but no place around that would seemed an exhibition. There was only a little closed wooden door within another bigger wooden opened door. 
: - Ok – I thought. : -  Let’s try, maybe it’s the entry    -.  
Hence, I went in front the little door and I knocked once. No answer. I was going away when an elderly lady with a headscarf, opened me and exclaimed: - девушка! - motioning me to enter with an hand.
The exhibition was just that one.
Entering, suddenly I was surrounded by the wonders guarded in that this hidden and unusual place, as the beautiful Virgin Marys by the strong features and the dark skin. They were so far away from the angelic imagine of them that I've seen for years that always it appeared me so unreal.  Instead, these Virgin Marys were so authentic  with their bags under eyes and the gaze full of concerns but proud, despite everything, as only a mother can have.

I was such engrossed in observing this succession of sacred icons, that for more than ten minutes I did not realize that there was another lady in the room, sitting in a corner, even elder than the one who had opened me the door. Her eyes were half closed, and perhaps her neither had noticed me.
I wondered -Why these elderly ladies were the guardians of the museum? - In my country, in an important place like this (the monastery is heritage of the UNESCO), we would have had some stewards/hostess who would wear suit, probably hired for public competition.
I had the answer to the question. My wealth of knowledge allowed me to make sense of what was happening around me, and yet, it continued to amaze me.
All there, it was in some ways “more human”- in my experience, not stereotyped.
Noiselessly, I left the room, almost on tiptoe, I opened the little door and I closed it behind me accurately, so that not even a draft of cold air could enter inside.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Le parola chiave è moderazione.
A Mosca non esistono eccessi, le pellicce, meglio se fucsia o leopardate, sono out quasi quanto i rossetti rosso-fluo e gli stivali con gli strass, il clima dicono sia continentale, la burocrazia snella e la polizia amichevole. Ad ogni modo, sono felice di essere qui, mi fa piacere essere una voce fuori dal coro, vestirmi da uomo per contrastare lo sfarzo, dire la mia senza conformarmi a nessuna corrente. 
The key word is be moderate.
Here in Moscow there are not excesses, the furs preferably pink or leopard, are out almost as much as the red fluorescent  lipstick and the boots with rhinestones, someone says that the climate is continental, the bureaucracy very easy and the police friendly. Anyway, I'm happy to be here, I'm glad to have always a my opinion and stand out from the crowd, I like dress me like a man to counter all this glitz and speak my mind without conform to no current.